GGBS Platinum

Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS) is a high-performance alternative to traditional cement that increases the technical performance of the concrete application, improves its appearance, and minimizes its environmental impact.

Our GGBS comes from an industrial by-product Granulated Blast Furnace Slag derived from the iron processing system. The molten blast-furnace slag is then rapidly quenched with water to form Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GBFS).

GCF GGBS Platinum is used in combination with Portland cement to produce superior longer-lasting concrete. A replacement rate of OPC upto 70% is permitted by BS6699: 1992

GGBS platinum is widely used to enhance the strength and workability of fresh concrete while reducing environmental impact when compared with conventional concrete. The process of manufacturing GGBS Platinum requires 20% less energy than the production process of Portland cement, thereby reducing the concrete’s CO2 output by 10%. Green Cement factory GGBS Platinum is highly resistant to chloride and sulfate attacks, reducing the risk of corrosion in concrete.

GCF GGBS improves performance in any situation, from housing to civil engineering applications across all industry sectors.

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Benefits of GGBS Platinum

GGBS platinum has a direct impact on the sustainability of concrete and will affect it in 3 ways:

Cement replacement

Every ton of cement replaced by GGBS will save about 750kg of CO2 emissions


Structures built with GGBS protect the reinforcing steel. This means fewer repairs during the life of the structure


Structures built with GGBS concrete last longer than OPC concrete which have to be replaced later in their life. This impacts the efficient use of raw materials


Civil 1


Chloride resistance and design life extension make GGBS Platinum ideal for use in heavy civil works.

Residential 1


Achieve beautiful finish in residential projects using GBBS Platinum.



Resistance to chemical attacks makes GGBS platinum ideal for marine environments



GGBS Platinum is the strongest, most durable cement in the market ideal for industrial use.



Increased long-term strength and durability against chemical attack make GGBS Platinum the ideal product for use in agricultural environments to ensure the increased life span of concrete.



GGBS Platinum offers superior durability and long-term strength for commercial buildings and land.

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Power and Utilities

GGBS Platinum stands out for its strength and durability in many utilities and power projects across the UAE.


GGBS Platinum is engineered to surpass all quality requirements. A well-managed supply chain ensures that customers receive orders according to their schedule.

Our consistent commitment to the highest quality levels is reflected in each of these accreditations, as we strive to keep raising the bar.