Health, Safety & Environment

At Green Cement, we give high priority to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, visitors and to protect the environment. We are fully committed to carrying out our business activities in a safe and efficient manner and to care for the well-being of all those on our sites and who may be impacted by our operations, We are committed to:


To maintain high standards, the Health, Safety and Environment Management system, which is based on the following elements is being implemented throughout Green Cement operations:

Diversity & Inclusion

As a group, diversity, and inclusion are our main priorities, during our hiring process, especially in the UAE market which comprises a very diverse set of manpower. This is essential, as diversity and inclusion are important elements for innovation and productive solutions for our businesses. Having a diverse team gives us access to vast experience, exclusive competency which enables our business to run in a more innovative and sustainable manner. Here we have identified and uphold the following:

Minimum wage


Equality in Workforce

Child Labor

Health and Safety

Freedom of Speech

Working Environment

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

GCF takes many initiatives to ensure that diversity and inclusion are not only said on policy but also practiced. This is by empowering women, empowering youth, and becoming an equal opportunity employer with no discrimination towards gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, race, or local legislation permits. GCF will continue to promote the hiring of employees from different backgrounds to have a successful business.

Ethics & Compliance

In Green Cement, we have a code and compliance in which the policies are on par in relevant laws and regulations. These policies are implemented in line with the Environment, Social and Governance that our company upholds. Firstly, as a company, we strive to establish a working environment filled with integrity. Every employee is accountable to our policies compliance and to work with integrity, to ensure that the businesses are conducted as per our code of business conduct. The policies which are covered in the compliances are

Health and Safety

Diversity & Inclusions

Protection of Company Assets

Info. Systems, Email & Social Media

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

Accurate Reporting and Recording


Human Rights

Community Service